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Accolades & Honors

Unmatched Creativity

David Mejias is a filmmaker. Also, the Founder and CEO of Epic Mejias Films. With over a decade of visual storytelling experience writing, producing, directing, filming and editing video content. Awarded for several feature and short films, debuting in the United States, Canada and France. Including, directing and editing several music videos for various music artists. With a background in the production of television shows, corporate videos and commercials at Steppin' Out Productions, Cherry Hill, NJ and TV61 in Philadelphia. David has a A.A. in Music and Video Business. A graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Awarded for Best Business Plan, 1995.

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Best Short Film Award
Best Child Actor Award
Best Actress Award
Best Mini Film Award
Best Poster Award
Best Movie Fan Favorite Award
Best Child Actor Fan Favorite Award
Best Actress Fan Favorite Award


"Bon Appétit !" was awarded numerous times at the 2022 Christian Film Festival. The cast, Derek Rosas and Diana Rosas received several awards at the Cristian Film Festival and the Austin International Art Festival. David, Derek and Diana are grateful for the recognition and support.

Rising Star Award Best Feature Film


David was absolutely thrilled to win this award at the Canada International Film Festival. For his first feature film "Nocturnal After Hours."

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Best Screenplay Award


David snagged this award at the Yosemite Film Festival for his original ideas and overall creativity in "Nocturnal After Hours."

Best Comedy Award


David was recognized for wining this award at the Oregon Film Awards in "Nocturnal After Hours."

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NY Film Award_edited.jpg

Best Horror Short Film Award

2009 and 2010

David was thrilled to receive these awards at the New York International Independent Video and Film Festival surrounded by industry masters, friends, and colleagues in New York and Los Angeles.

Awards: Awards
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