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Promotional Video Content

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Promote your business with professionally produced video promos. Proven to be effective on social media, websites, emails and Television.

Wedding Videos

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Are you looking for a wedding videographer? I offer a complete wedding video package for you. Filmed in a cinematic documentary style.

Corporate Videos

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Epic Mejias Films specializes in bringing your company's vision to life through the power of video. In today's digital age, corporate videos are key to engaging your audience, showcasing your services, and standing out in the marketplace. From concept to creation - I offer comprehensive video solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether it's testimonials, product showcases, or event coverage. I am equipped with the latest technology, ensuring each project is crafted to perfection, reflecting the essence of your brand. "Ready to elevate your corporate communication? Connect with Epic Mejias Films - capturing the heart of your business."



Why do we tell stories? At Epic Mejias Films, I provide filmmakers and those with a story to tell the service of a full documentary production. From the creation of your story to filming it and editing your documentary film for the world to see.
I believe in documentaries as tools of awareness. Through personal tales and explorations of global matters, with the potential to influence, educate, and engender change. Documentaries seek to inspire both existing and aspiring filmmakers to see the power of their lens and the stories they choose to focus on. Reach out to us, we'll make it together!



Epic Mejias Films crafts commercials to help your business interact with your local community. Showcasing your services and products to the people who matter most. I am here to help you create commercials that resonate with your customers. From scripting and filming to post-production, we bring your vision to life, offering end-to-end solutions that highlight what makes your business unique. Don't just take our word for it. See the difference a professional commercial can make for your business. Take the first step to becoming a local favorite. Connect with Epic Mejias Films Today - Lights, Camera, Impact!


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Whether a short or a feature film, I can make it a reality for you. Screen it at Film Festivals, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Netflix and beyond.


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Are you a small business owner looking for ways to stand out? Do you want to reach the heart of your community with your products and services. Discover how our informercials educate your customers about the benefits of your products, all while highlighting your ongoing promotions. This isn't just an ad... it's an opportunity to teach and engage! Create an irresistible call to action with exclusive deals and insights that can only be found by shopping local with you. Connect with local customers and grow your community presence. Act now and be the local business that everyone talks about!

Music Videos

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Add a video to your song. Together we can create the most appealing and captivating music video for your fans. All eyes will be on you.

Events / Venue Videos


Capturing an event or a venue is a memory of a lifetime. Sports, fashion shows, performances, music festivals, parties, graduations and more.

Testimonial Videos

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Let your clients talk to potential new clients on your behalf. They will connect emotionally and establish trust with your business.

Real Estate Videos

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Are you a realtor looking to showcase properties at their absolute best? Or perhaps a homeowner eager to market your home in a way that truly stands out? Transform your listing with immersive and cinematic real estate videos. 

* Customizable video tours tailored to highlight each property's unique features.
* Drone footage to showcase stunning aerial perspectives.
* HD quality to ensure viewers feel like they're walking through the home.
* Visually engaging content that resonates with homebuyers and investors. 

Services: Press Coverage
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